To increase egg production, farmers often deprive hens of food for seven to 14 days and water for up to two days. This practice is called ‘forced moulting’. Moulting is a natural process of feather loss and regrowth. Because egg production increases after moulting, hens commonly have the process artificially induced.

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For most of us Indians, eggs are no big deal. We have grown up with them in some form or the other: as ande ki bhurji, as masala omelettes, even as the boiled eggs in mutton curries and biryanis.

Some dishes contain more than one iteration of eggs: an omelette called lapeti is filled with boiled egg shredded as finely as cheese; for the Lava Pulav, an omelette is left unfolded and topped with a volcano-like mound of turmeric-steamed basmati rice and shredded egg, a ladle of tomato sauce spooned into the middle.


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