Mahua flowers

Mahua flowers are rich in nutritional attributes. Mahua flower is a rich source of nutrients like reducing and non-reducing sugar, polysaccharide, dietary fibres, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and different organic acids.

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Mahua flowers, fruits and leaves are edible and used as vegetables in India and other Southern Asian countries. The sweet, fleshy flowers are eaten fresh or dried, powdered and cooked with flour, used as a sweetener or fermented to make alcohol (Fern, 2014). The fleshy outer coat of the fruit is used as a vegetable.

Fruits are astringent and used in chronic tonsillitis and pharyngitis [16]. Fat obtained from mahua seeds has many medicinal applications. The seeds fat has emuluscent property, used in skin disease, rheumatism, headache, laxative, piles and sometimes as galactogogue.


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