Government and organizations are making continuous efforts to increase the income of farmers in Jharkhand. For this, many types of schemes are being run in the state as well as many researches are also being done. Birsa Agricultural University, Ranchi (Birsa Agriculture UniversityLarge scale training and research programs are being conducted in Farmer’s income (Double Farmers IncomeNow to increase the cultivation of spice to the farmers of the state (Spice Farming) will be made aware. Farmers will be given training to cultivate spices in a scientific way and they will also be motivated for its cultivation. BAU believes that the farmers of the state will benefit greatly from the cultivation of spices.

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Turmeric is grown on a large scale in Raijema and nearby villages. The farmers here still used to sell turmeric from Poila (a sort of turmeric measurement sheet). With the Trifed taking up the production, villagers have started getting good price of turmeric.


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