Did you know…?
  • The three most common onion colors are yellow, red, and white.
  • There are less than 1,000 onion farmers in the United States. …
  • One serving of onion contains 45 calories.
  • The average American eats almost 18.8 pounds of fresh and storage-type onions every year.


An onion is a round vegetable with a brown skin that grows underground. It has many white layers on its inside which have a strong, sharp smell and taste. Will you chop an onion up for me? It is made with fresh minced meat, cooked with onion and a rich tomato sauce.

The Indian onion is referred to as “Pyaz” or “Kanda” in Hindi and is arguably the most popular vegetable in India. This onion is similar to the classic Red onion in appearance, having a thin red outer skin that is paper thin.

Onion is characterized by its distinct flavour and pungency which are due to various sulphur compounds. The chemical composition varies from variety to variety and with season of production and storage life. Dehydrated onion in the form of rings, powder, kibbles, etc. is in great demand.


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